Neither Nor productions is run by Thorolf Thuestad and Alwynne Pritchard. We make sound, music, theatre and installations, as well organising events (take a look at the Projects page). We also host an apartment for visiting artists. Neither Nor is based in Ytre Arna, Bergen, Norway.
The past couple of years have been strange for everyone. Despite many cancellations and reschedulings, we were lucky to receive funding from Bergen kommune and Vestland Fylkeskommune for a neighbourhood music festival at the Neither Nor HQ. SlettaFest was an outdoor event which took place during the summers of 2020 and 2021 and featured musicians from around the world who are locally based. Having established itself, it seems, as something of a local feature, we’ll be running the festival again in the summer of 2022. In order to ensure perfect weather for a garden festival, SlettaFest will once again be programmed and organised just a few days before the event.
Next up on the Neither Nor calendar is our fourth collaboration with the French company Scènes Théâtre Cinéma. End of Humanity will run at Le Théâtre de La Renaissance in Lyon from the 31st of January to the 11th of February, 2023.
Watch this space for more upcoming events.