CARIMA NEUSSER: July 24th – August 4th, 2019

Carima Neusser was born in Stockholm. She is a choreographer, dancer and artist. She earned her master degree in Culture and Media production at Linköpings Universitet (2014-2016) and she studied dance at Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance (2006- 2009) She works and collaborates throughout different international and national contexts and her work has been presented at dance theaters, galleries, museums, music festivals among many others. Her work has been presented in Sweden, Italy, France, Mexico, Brazil and USA.

The Project:

While staying in Ytre Arna, Carima Neusser will be in residence at Bergen Dansesenter with the Swedish dancer Emelie Wahlman. Since 2019 Carima has been developing a research project where she investigates body language in cinematic work and how it can be translated into live situations and movements. During the residency they will investigate the Italian film director Luchino Viscontis films and experiment with translating movements from the film to movements in space. The time in the studio together will be structured by an open ended research with no set goal but to experiment together and see what comes out, film watching, improvisations and meditation/discussion.