Kaj Aune: JUNE 11th – 15th, 2020

The work of Kaj Aune is applicable to both contemporary music and visual art. By combining visual and theatrical elements with sound and music, he creates his own language and method of storytelling.  His works are often absurd, tragic and comical, with references to historic and everyday life scenarios. The reuse of already-existing material is also an important element in his work. This results in a form of one man band object opera on the brink of collapse.

The Project

Kaj was staying at the Neither Nor artist apartment in order to work on his new piece “Today I have been a bad dog, from now on will try to be better, more generous and kind towards others”. It was commissioned by Alwynne as part of her DOG/GOD series and is the first time Kaj has handed over a performance piece with a lot of equipment to another person.