Sonat Coşkuner is a Turkish violinist, educator and choir conductor. During his music life he studied violin with Yılmaz Şendurur, Albert Markov, Cihat Aşkın, Mihael Aranovic Gotsdinner and İldiko Moog. After graduated he worked in Samsun State Opera Orchestra as a guest violin artist. In 2009 he was acquainted with Soundpainting. After that he attained Walter Thompson’s workshops, Soundpainting Interactive Conference and Think Tank. Certificated Soundpainter Sonat gives Soundpainting and improvisation lessons in postgraduate degree in OMU. Sonat and his pianist brother regularly give recitals, especially they play Turkish composers violin-piano music. In 2016, led by Etienne Rolin he studied on increase perception through the number of stimuli. Since 2010, he gives violin lessons Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University music department and recently, he is working on Soundpainting linked cognitive science. Beside violin method for children Little Violinist, he has a reformer book called Improvisation Games for Strings Through the Graphic Notation.

Project (Samsun- Bergen):
Soundpainting is a multidisciplinary live composing sign language for musicians, dancers, actor and visual artists created by Walter Thompson in 1974. During his time in Bergen, Sonat Coşkuner was investigating the effects of Soundpainting on cognitive development. The Project aims to highlight the efficiency of Soundpainting training on the attention and memory of undergraduate students; findings and recommendation will follow in regards to the effectiveness of the Soundpainting applications. Stroop attention test and WMS IV/III/R test are used as data collection tools for the study to determine attention and memory level of participants.