For one – For many was premiered at Lydgalleriet, Østre, January 13th, 2019.

Encounter the many stories told by eight kinetic sculptures and one human performer in «For one – For many».

For one – For many for for multichannel ambisonic speaker rigg, 8 kinetic sculptures and recorder player Jostein Gundersen(tenor and subcontrabass recorders). Presented in collaboration with Lydgalleriet.

For one – For many is part of Thorolf Thuestads ongoing artistic research project at the University of Bergen titled Emotional Machines – composing for unstable media. 

As a composer, Thorolf Thuestad operates in an extended field of composition in the crossing point between musical expression, sound art and sculpture. He often employs audiovisual, sculptural or kinetic elements in his compositional works.

A central inspiration in Thorolf’s current work and this composition is the investigation of how the processes we use for perceiving and interacting with other people are seemingly fluently transferred to how we perceive and interact with objects, animals or machines.Thorolfs ongoing, (as of march 2019), artistic research project investigates the role of antropomorphism as it relates to our experience of art and how it permeates our interaction with the objects we interact with and create.

For one – For many was presented in a program also including Alwynne Pritchard presenting her Vitality Forms 7 and Thorolf Thuestads Heart(nothing).