Alwynne Pritchard (voice/performance/direction)

Susanne Zapf (violin)

Thorolf Thuestad (robotics/electronics)

Karol Czajkowski (Tattoo artist)

Aleksander Fiske Fosse (Skin)

Marta Czajkowska (vocal coaching)

Aistė Žumbakytė (production/design assistant)

Siv Anette Johansen (promotion, volunteers).


– The main idea for the project is drawn from Cervantes’s novel Don Quixote and they key themes are work/labour, obsolescence, human aspiration, unpredictability, fragility, absurdity and dignity.

Don Quixote is the story of a man who loses his mind to fiction. Old and frail, he believes himself to be a young and gallant knight. He will fight evil with his lance. But he mistakes windmills for giants and his battle is a farce. His enemies imagined. The lance Don Quixote eventually fashions for himself is just the branch of a tree. But despite his foolishness and delusions, he is a man of tragedy and grace. He embodies some of the most compelling qualities of human aspiration and unpredictability. He shines a light on the fact that all human endeavours are dependent to some extent on a degree of self-delusion.

Although the windmills of the title refer to those mistaken for giants by Cervantes’ Don Quixote, they also make reference to the manufacturing history of Ytre Arna and to the industrious daily practice required for mastery of the violin. In order to realise big ideas, we must submit ourselves to the task. So, the violinist, not unlike the factory worker, must subsume her own needs within the demands of the job. Her body is not her own. She is just another cog in the wheel of the great music-making machine. All great projects require aspiration and much hard work, and yet ultimately, they will turn to dust. The beauty and poetry of human existence, and of places like Ytre Arna, is that life persists.

-Alwynne Pritchard


As part of the performance, we will be SHREDDING your documents. Please bring any paperwork you want destroyed. Bills, love letters, homework, shopping lists, essays, contracts, projects, receipts, birth and death certificates, wills – anything that’s weighing on your mind. All confidential material can be submitted in sealed envelopes.



There will be an after party at lysefjorden mikrobryggeri in Arna Industrihus, Ytre Arna from 20.00-00.00. The after party will be open to guests who attend the performance. We’ll be taking names at the entrance to Mecha ink.
Local beer and food for sale at the brewery. Vegetarian food will also be available.

Please sign up for the after party at the Facebook event by 22nd of August, so that we can plan for catering.
If you have any questions, call or sms Siv at 95161482 or email her at


Geting there

How to get to Ytre Arna:
Option 1: “The tour” – Take a bus to Åsane Terminal, jump on the 91 bus to Arna terminal. Get off in Ytre Arna Sentrum and you’re right there.
Option 2: “the urban” -Take the train to Arna, outside the station you jump on the 91 bus to Åsane Terminal, get of in Ytre Arna Sentrum. Walk across the street, and it’s right there.

Buses leaves for Åsane Terminal at 18:05 and Arna Terminal at 18:20

Train from Bergen: 17:58

Bus from YA to Bergen after the afterparty leaves at 00:28